Unlocking the Secrets of Local Travel: Experience Singapore Like a True Insider

Exploring the top sights is a must when visiting Singapore, but uncovering hidden gems and insider tips is a must to truly experience the city like a local. We’ll reveal the best spots in Singapore, share local secrets, guide you to top dining spots, and provide useful information on getting around the city. Get ready to uncover the secrets of local travel and experience Singapore like a true insider.

What are the best attractions in Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay (South): This iconic attraction showcases mesmerizing futuristic supertrees, awe-inspiring Flower Dome and a breathtaking pedestrian bridge. Explore the lush gardens, admire the mesmerizing light show and soak up the beauty of nature.

Local secret tip:

  • Gardens by the Bay (East): While the South Gardens are popular, the East Gardens offer a quieter, more serene experience. Take a leisurely stroll along the seaside promenade, admiring the picturesque views and discovering hidden tranquility.
  • Marina Bay Satay: Located near Gardens by the Bay, this open-air hawker center offers a unique dining experience. Indulge in a variety of satay skewers grilled to perfection, a local favorite.
  • Old Airport Road Hawker Centre: Step into this bustling hawker center and experience Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene. Sample a wide variety of local dishes, from mouth-watering chicken rice to delicious laksa. Authentic flavors and affordable prices make it a local favorite.

Hawker Centers – Eating in Singapore:

Singapore’s hawker centers are food hubs where locals flock to enjoy a wide range of delicious meals at affordable prices. These vibrant food courts offer a diverse food selection, from Chinese and Malay to Indian and international. Don’t miss the chance to sample local specialties and immerse yourself in Singapore’s food culture.

Where to eat in Singapore:

Apart from hawker centres, Singapore is also home to trendy cafes and restaurants. Explore vibrant neighborhoods like Tiong Bahru, Kampong Glam or Ann Siang Hill, where you’ll find a variety of local eateries, trendy cafes and trendy dining options. Indulge in modern fusion dishes, artisanal coffee and delicious desserts to suit every taste.

Visit Singapore:

Singapore’s well-connected and efficient public transport system makes exploring the city a breeze.

  • Trains and buses: The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system and buses cover the entire island. Purchase an EZ-Link card to enjoy seamless transfers between train and bus services and move around the city like a local.
  • Private Hire (Uber or Grab): Uber and Grab are popular ride-hailing services in Singapore. Convenient and affordable, they offer a comfortable way to travel around the city, especially when traveling during rush hour or late at night.
  • Taxis: Taxis are ubiquitous in Singapore and are a convenient option for short trips or if you prefer door-to-door service. Look for the brightly colored taxi signs and hail a taxi with ease.

Useful apps for Singapore:

To enhance your travel experience, consider downloading these helpful apps:

  • GoThere.sg: This app provides real-time public transport information to help you plan routes and navigate Singapore’s transport network efficiently.
  • Chope: Use this app to make restaurant reservations in advance and ensure you get a spot at a popular restaurant.
  • SG Buses: Use this app to get accurate bus arrival times and plan your bus journey efficiently.

To experience Singapore like a true insider, go beyond the top spots and uncover its secrets.


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