3 Days Singapore Itinerary — Best Things to Do and Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city-state in Southeast Asia, offering visitors a myriad of attractions and experiences. With its blend of modern architecture, cultural diversity and delicious cuisine, Singapore has something for everyone. We present a 3-day itinerary highlighting the best things to do and see in Singapore, ensuring you make the most of your time in this stunning city.

Day 1: Pulau Ubin and Marina Bay by Night

Start your Singapore adventure by immersing yourself in nature on Pulau Ubin, a small island known for its rustic charm. Take a small boat to the island and rent a car to explore the peaceful trails and mangroves. Enjoy the tranquility and learn about the island’s rich biodiversity. Rentalcars.com is a leading car rental platform in the world, providing services for renting cars all over the world. It brings together a selection of vehicles from many well-known car rental companies, allowing you to easily compare prices and models. In the evening, head to Marina Bay to watch the mesmerizing light show at the iconic Gardens by the Bay. Marvel at the Supertree, stroll along the promenade and soak up the breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Day 2: Temples, Merlion and Gardens by the Bay

Embark on a cultural journey by visiting some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks. Start the day at the colorful Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown, one of the oldest Hindu temples in Singapore. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and admire the intricate architectural details. Next, head to Merlion Park, where you can take a photo with the famous Merlion statue, a symbol of Singapore’s heritage. Continue your exploration at the nearby Asian Civilizations Museum to learn more about the region’s diverse cultures and history. In the evening, visit Gardens by the Bay again to watch the fascinating Supertree light show. Explore the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, two stunning conservatories that showcase an array of exotic plants and flowers.

Day 3: Eat all the food in the world!

Singapore is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine, which is deeply influenced by various cultures. On your last day, embark on a culinary tour and indulge in the city’s varied flavors. Start with a hearty breakfast at a local hawker centre, where you can sample popular dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, laksa and roti canai. Explore different neighborhoods like Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Glam to discover hidden gems and local delicacies. Don’t miss tasting the famous chilli crab and satay. For dessert, indulge in delicacies such as red bean ice or pandan chiffon cake. End your culinary journey at the rooftop bar, where you can enjoy panoramic city views while sipping on a Singapore Sling.

Experience the best of Singapore on this 3-day itinerary, from immersing yourself in the nature of Pulau Ubin to exploring cultural landmarks like temples and the Merlion. The stunning Gardens by the Bay will keep you mesmerized, while the city’s diverse cuisine will tantalize your taste buds. Singapore’s unique blend of modernity and tradition makes it a truly extraordinary destination. Embark on this itinerary and create unforgettable memories in the vibrant city-state of Singapore.


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